"I have been seeing Tim for some years now. For people who are new to this form of energy bodywork, words can't truly convey the experience. It's amazing just how deep the relaxation can be, laying on your back fully clothed feeling the 'hub-bub' in your life drifting away. Within about 5 mins I nearly always fall into the deepest sleep. But the true benefits reveal themselves a few days later. You can tell Tim loves his work and for those in 'the-know' a bodywork session from Tim is a vital and rejuvenating pause."
Rachel - Truro

What is Energy Bodywork?

I use an integrated form of bodywork that combines aspects of yoga, meditation and structural acupressure.

It is carried out with the person lying on his or her back. A short discussion takes place before the session to make sure there are no precautions or contraindications. Other than that, the main purpose of talking is to engage the person with their own experience of their body; to mention any past injury - especially to bone - as well as any current complaint or restriction; and to put the session in the context of their current situation in life/work/relationships. It is a matter of discretion on either side how much 'personal stuff' is mentioned - and you don't have to say much at all.

During the session however it is not necessary or usual to talk. This allows a person to more deeply feel their body sensations at the places of contact, as well as letting the mind enter a state of expanded awareness, anchored by a steady respectful touch. Energy bodywork promotes a deep state of relaxation and it is common for people to feel refreshingly rested and revitalized afterwards.

"My job can be very busy and stressful and I spend a lot of time hunched over a desk during the day. As a result I have often suffered with back pain and aching muscles, but in the past I have been rather sceptical about alternative and holistic therapies, preferring to seek more conventional forms of pain management such as medication. However after suffering for several months last year from severe and persistent pain in my right shoulder, a friend suggested that I try a session with Tim.
Tim instantly put me at my ease with his caring and friendly manner. After only one treatment, the pain in my shoulder blade had improved immeasurably and I felt a remarkable sense of calm and peace. After several further sessions with Tim over the next few weeks, the pain had entirely disappeared and I felt better able to cope with the stresses of my hectic lifestyle. I now try to have a regular bodywork with Tim as often as I can, and after each treatment I always feel centred, calm and energised. Highly recommended."

"I found Tim about a year ago and he has helped me in many ways. His massage has helped to ease my repeated shoulder and lower back pains. My posture was not right though, Tim has treated me with bodywork combined with massage and it has not only near enough corrected my posture, this gave me a greater sense of self. Energy bodywork is great as it balances the body's energy with that of the mind thus creating a better, less scattered relationship between them.
After having this treatment I have a greater sense of self and for the first time in a long time I really feel like I know myself. My life is less stressful or chaotic now, partially through decisive life changes but foremost a better state of mind for dealing with life's stresses. Thanks Tim. Look forward to next session."
Ashley - St. Ives


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